Reply To: I Can't Select Portfolio Parent on Portfolio Item

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December 24, 2014 at 1:38 pm #7941

Well I am using 2.0.2, Jkreativ Plugin 1.1.0
And I updated to the latest version 2.2.6, Jkreativ Plugin 1.2.1
But still the same issue, so I reverted back to the old one, because it used to work beautifully.

When I updated, to the 2.2.6v, even when i save a page and/or create a new one I still get the mssg:

All option for this template still hidden. Please follow bellow step to show all option available. NEW PAGE : please give title and save this page to show the option SWITCHING TEMPLATE : you will need to save this page first (click publish or save draft) to get all option available

The main issue is, my new portfolio lists pages won’t come up in the portfolio items page admin area (portfolio parent).
– The old portfolio lists pages in the admin, they have the default template theme, which is not.

The only workaround that i have is to select the visual composer so I can output the portfolio items in a page.

Thank you for your response and time.