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December 20, 2014 at 11:38 pm #7817


If you need to get back to work right now while we wait for a response from the devs, you can pretty easily downgrade your WordPress install to 4.0.1.

First, download WP 4.0.1. Then with an FTP, replace all of the files in the root directory of your WP install with the files from 4.0.1 with the exception of wp-config.php. Also upload and replace the wp-admin and wp-includes directories in your install. There should be no need to do anything with the wp-content directory; I didn’t when I downgraded.

If you did everything correctly, when you try to access your site you should see a WordPress notification to update your database. Click the button to update the database, and when that is finished you should be back to WP 4.0.1. This is what I did as a temporary fix and everything is working fine for me.

Hope that helps you out 🙂