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June 24, 2014 at 8:02 am #580

Thank you, Jegbagus.

Do you by any change have templates of the design on themeforest that I can use and replace your content with mine? That would help a lot!

If not, would it be possible to do the following on the theme:

1. Change the colours and background image of the circle loader? I want to add a custom BG image and change the font colour.

2. Make the menu colour transparent? Currently I use an image with transparency in it, and because of that there is a black bar above the menu / below the page content, that I cannot get away no matter how I adjust the settings. I would need to make that black bar transparent in the menu BG colour setting? or adjust the height of the menu? but the settings does not allow that to the point of removing the black bar completely.

3. Adjust the page height so my media does not cut off? I tried using the “Section Top Margin” but even at 5X5 it still cuts off the images… I want each section of the page builder to be a full-screen page, and then when a user scrolls, it does the effects.

4. If I can have full-screen pages on the page builder, I would want an arrow on the bottom of each “page/section” to appear that shows the user they can scroll down – and when they click on the arrow, it slides down to the “page/section” below… much like in your example page on Themeforest.

5. Lastly, how do I change the sound on/off icon and make it smaller and reposition it to be in the bottom centre of the page?

Apologies for all the questions, but I’ve been struggling to get this figured out since yesterday to no avail.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.