Reply To: Shortcode builder missing

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October 30, 2014 at 8:03 am #5798

hi bashim, we purposefully to disable several shortcode on several post type.
because you won’t need any of those shortcode on all places.
example: on legacy page builder, you will see Jkreativ section shortcode, and those shortcode will only available on those places, not other place to build layout for landing page.
but on other places, you will have jkreativ general shortcode, because you will only need those shortcode.

but if you mention another shortcode, can you please try to disable all plugin except jkreativ plugin. if you still having problem, please ask us again right here.

also if we are currently on version 2.2.4, if you are using out of date version of themes, please update your themes as well. (also the plugin)

Thank you