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October 21, 2014 at 9:46 am #5509

Hi Dek,

yes sure. I wanted to inform you anyhow.

What I did:
1. I booked a more powerful server from my provider
2. I compressed and resized all images to a smaller file size and dimension
3. I found out that the images get automatically resized on server side to the size set under “Gallery item width”. But the resizing does only occur, if you call up the webpage. On the first call-up the script processes approximately 20 images, then it stops. If you refresh the page the next 20 images get resized and so on. You can see the images appear step by step via the Webinspector of the browser. So you have to reload the page over and over again until all images have been processed and resized to the needed size. After doing so the website loads fine. As soon as you set a new gallery item width you have go through this process again until all images get loaded.

Because I had really big base images at first, with approx. 4000 x 3000 px this process took ages. I just thought the theme or script doesn’t work properly. Also I’ve constantly tried different sizes via “Gallery item width” so the resizing process restarted over and over again and the page didn’t load.
I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh but I had no clue what was going on because there was no information within the documentation and I’ve wasted so much time on this.

Now it’s ok. But still there are a couple of bugs and points of improvement I’ve found:
1. The masonry layout doesn’t work under iOS safari. The images overlay each other. I’ve had to switch to normal layout.
2. Within the mobile Navigation there is a text at the bottom, “Social Link” or so. Had to remove it hard coded.
3. It would be great if you can click “remove all images” within the media builder. If you have hundreds of images it’s a bit annoying if you have to hit “remove” on every single image.

I’ve found a couple more things but don’t remember them by now. If I remember them again, I’ll post them here.

Regards Jo