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October 20, 2014 at 3:10 pm #5473

Hi Dek Ery,

Thanks a lot. These codes work!

Still some things are unsolved (point 6):
– On the mobile view (using a touchscreen), the header, main-page (my revolution-slider), and footer are not ‘locked’ in position: when you scroll down (using your fingers), you drag the revolution-slider over the header, and when scroll up you drag the revolution-slider over the footer. In other words: the three parts of the page are loose of one another, I would like them to be locked to one another… URL:

– Also on the mobile view, the galleries do not adjust correctly to the screen size (not really auto-responsive): the photos overlay eachother and the gallery doesnt have the same lay-out as in desktop-view. This happens on all pages with a gallery. URL example:

I made some screen shots of the above two issues, but don’t know how to attach them to this message. So I uploaded these screenshots to my website on this URL:

Hope you know what is wrong, because now these galleries are not usable on a mobile device. Thanks.