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October 17, 2014 at 12:07 am #5381

Hi Dek,

i follow your instructions and set up customs columns as you wrote but it was too width the image column leaving a lot of empty space and text align in a corner.
So I customized columns as 5/12 + 7/12 and this could work but in any case image does not appear with a logical size.
Have a look how strange it is now ( all the images you see in the IMAGE ANIMATIN SEQUENCE ITEMhave the same size (800x700px) but no one appears with same diemnsions and it looks only the one besides “DECORACIÓN CASA” appears 100% (obviously too big), also I cannot understand why the text appears differently! Look at “CALENDARIOS”… all text has same size too!!!

I really do not know how to do and need the page for saturday!!! Could you help please?

Another little thing, I would like to configure the pricing table similar to the ones in the demo ( how I can do it? I have to write specific css? I didn’t find options to change in the short code for pricing lists..