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October 14, 2014 at 6:34 am #5255

As I said,

Please check the issue carefully, it happens, and as I said, it is not difficult to replicate.S
Simply go on the blog, you will see 9 articles – check each individually, you will replicate the issue.
I have software developer background, just FYI, and it looks like a theme issue.

So check each of of them, one by one, or open them in new tabs, you will be able to replicate it. I can replicate it from the first 3-4 articles.

There is no point to go up and down, simply try more and replicate it. I think you are not treating this issues as you should, as I REPLICATE IT EACH TIME IN LESS THAN A MINUTE, BUT WE SPEND DAYS HERE BACK AND FORWARD to make you understand I HAVE AN ISSUE with this theme.

Please let me know what ELSE more than a print screen and directions on how to replicate you need in order to start doing smth about it?

Cristian Dascalu