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October 11, 2014 at 10:33 pm #5212

Hi Jegtheme, Hi Dek Ery,
1- I’ve asked you to remove the entire frame. After you add the code you have posted only the thin edge of the frame. I want to remove the border and I’m a complete back. In fact, if you look at the following sample page, you can better understand what I mean. Use the following sample pages have the same theme. (Your theme – jphotolio)
Please refer to the following sample pages:
I want this page to do the same. I do not want the space to the right of the photo to the left. In addition to writing and not in the frame.

2- I tried again, and even tried it again, I’ve tried many times. Happens, happens, happens. I’ve tried everything. Why it turns photos. I do not want to open in a new window. I want to open with lightbox effect. To understand the problem of sample pages:

3- Thank you. To fix this problem.

4- In the menu on the top of my website’s main page I want to remove the black line.
Click on the link below for a screenshot

5- First address to enter. The following menus are on my page in the top menu.
remove the gap between these menus and menu names I want to pinch.
Click on the link below for a screenshot

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