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Keshav Saini
October 11, 2014 at 8:38 am #5195

1. My first question is still not answered. I am not able to import all the pages in the demo. Have tried everything but it import the same 59 pages no matter what I do? I am missing a few homepages in the import. Also, I feel it little difficult to understand the backend layout without images as it becomes confusing sometimes. Can you share the export file with images so that I replicate the entire demo. It would just be for understanding the layouts and shortcodes used. I am only going to install it on my local server.

2. About your argument regarding not showing title and description on small thumbnails, width and height shouldn’t be a problem. Currently you are using fixed font size so that will obviously create problem. Use % based font size so that when the width of container decreases, the font size should also decrease. That’s not an excuse for hiding meta data!