Reply To: How to change Portfolio Navigation Bar colour?

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October 10, 2014 at 8:30 pm #5171

Hi again Dek Ery,

sorry to be so insistent on this, but I’m giving it up.

It somehow worked a few hours later but the green colour still persist when hovering the icons.

I thought I could fix it myself by looking at the code (Firebug) and figuring it out. Although it seems to be fine in the FireBug interface, it won’t apply when inserted in the CUSTOM STYLE pane and checking it live.
I’m no code guy as I’ve told before and this, although easy must be, is kind of driving me nuts.

Please, advise on how to turn this green colour that appears on mouse hovering. I want to change it to #7a7a7a

Thanks for your patience! 🙂