Reply To: How to change Portfolio Navigation Bar colour?

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October 10, 2014 at 7:07 pm #5169


After a web search I think I know what happens.

It is a known problem affecting Internet Explorer 6 which won’t correctly read the instruction (or someting like that).
I have tested the site (well, the little thing is now) on an IE6 emulator and I guess it will be the less of problems since the whole site will look bad on IE6 no matter what I do, since it is a way outdated browser.
Yes there are people using IE, but according to our analytics, our visitors who use IE rank 5th and what’s more: none of them use IE6. Everyone seems to be browsing on IE9-10-11

So, I think I am not going to care that much, but any advice is welcome anyway!

Thanks! 🙂