Reply To: Cannot update Visual Composer directly from WP dashboard

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October 9, 2014 at 2:55 pm #5108

So I’ve tried disabling the plugin and updating from Appearance>Install plugins. Did not work.
My plugins dashboard says that version 4.3.4 is available….but it is no where to be found when yo try to update.
Install always fails.

“Disable or delete the plugins”, seems tto be the go to solution for anything on this support forum.
A simple plugin update should not be this hard.I’ve paid for 2 licenses of the Jkreativ theme as well and I’m honestly not
impressed by the support.

I ended up having to download the theme folder again from themeforest, unzip and upload the plugin manually to my ftp.
I chose override if new version when installing the new plugin.

Hope this helps photooseu and juandoscuartos!