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October 9, 2014 at 11:57 am #5103


1. Thanks, this code did remove the scroll bar in the side navigation, but did not solve the other part of the facebook widget. As I said, I would like this widget to be on the bottom of the side navigation, without having to scroll down when I make the browser window smaller. Thus, I like the widget to move along (float) depending on the window size (to make it have a relative instead of absolute position). Do you understand what I mean?

3. Ok, but could I have the CSS for making the height of the mobile navigation absolute, instead of relative?

4. The URL is I was not able to get any footer visible, even thought I activated it on the Jkreativ dashboard. How to do it? I would like a footer on my mobile version, but not on the desktop version.

5. Another thing: In my mobile menu, I also see stuff like “my account”, ‘shop’, and ‘social link’, even when I am signed out from wordpress…How do I get rid of those menu items…