Reply To: Cannot update Visual Composer directly from WP dashboard

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October 7, 2014 at 2:34 pm #5014


Yes I know that the plugins are included on the site. Those are the plugins that the site is running currently.
I can see in my plugins page that the plugins Revolution slider and Visual Composer are in need of an update, but when I try to update there is an error saying that

” Downloading package from envato marketplace….
….Error on unzipping package…..
Return to Plugins page”

When I go to Appearance > Install Plugins…the plugins are not in the list because they are already installed.
All I need to do is a straight forward way to update them and I can’t!!!!

When I try to update manually….it asks me for a license key…which was not included with the documentation.
I tried putting in my license key for the JKreativ theme and that doesn’t work either. These things are extremely frustrating to work around. So it’s either you guys provide the license key with the plugins that come with the theme or provide straight forward documentation on how to update the plugins.

Now if you say that the we don’t need a license key because the theme comes with the plugins….why is that I’m getting asked for the license? I don’t have time to be going around in circles.