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August 10, 2018 at 9:36 pm #35159

Dear Sir,

I had cross-checked with server settings & changed WordPress page folder to 775. Even after doing that, while installing required plugin from theme there is an error showing.

“Something went wrong with the plugin API. Please try to install & activate the plugin via TGM Plugin Activation here or contact our support team here.

I go with TGM Plugin Activation & got an error message of

“Installing Plugin: WPBakery Visual Composer
Unpacking the packageā€¦

Installing the pluginā€¦

The remote plugin package consists of more than one file, but the files are not packaged in a folder. Please contact the plugin provider and ask them to package their plugin according to the WordPress guidelines.

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Required Plugins Installer”.

Other plugins are also showing the same error. Request you to resolve the issue at the earliest.

With Best Regards
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