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May 17, 2018 at 4:12 am #32181

Hi Adek,
I think I described to you the issue: the footer (widget Jkreativ) currently is visible just in the home page of our website and you confirmed me that it is not available in other pages such as “Portfolio”, etc.. for “design reasons“.

I think you can test this on your side, by simply installing a copy of your template JKreativ and trying to replicate the solution you written to me (the code you provide to me), trying to add it in the pages that you written to me and see if it is available in every page.

I did not ask for a solution for a personal problem or a technical problem about my website that you can’t replicate. I just asked for a feature to know if it is available or not, but please test it before you gave me the solution.

I repeat you that this code works only if I visit my website while I’m logged in my WordPress Admin Panel. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

Or if you can recommend me a plug-in that you tested that can do the same, please let me know. I tried some plug-ins but they caused me incompatibility issues.

If you need our FTP or Admin Panel WordPress let me know.

Best regards