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April 5, 2018 at 9:22 am #30192

I actually stumbled on something as I continue to try and figure this out, for which you can test out for yourself by doing a test post with login credentials I gave you earlier.

But basically what happened was that WordPress released their latest version 4.9.5 and I installed it.

The funny thing is that when I installed it, all of my posts synced up on homepage and category page like they should.

So I added 5 more posts today and nothing got categorized, so I re-installed WordPress and lo and behold, the posts got categorized again.

I did the same thing for my next 2 posts and the posts again only show up AFTER I reinstall WordPress.

I don’t know if this tidbit of info helps you figure out what’s wrong but every time I reinstall WordPress, posts show up. I even tried emptying cache and nothing happens when the cache gets emptied. It’s only when I actually reinstall WordPress through my dashboard > updates screen.

I just wanted to give you this bit of info before I hit the sack since I know that we have a time difference and chances are you will respond to this post while I’m asleep, lol.

Thanks for your help and hopefully this puts us in the right direction.