Reply To: Homepage don't update when I post a new post

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March 31, 2018 at 10:29 pm #30095

I received your email response:

“hi saojoaquimonline, if you filter the content with category, it will only show content of those category on those block. so if you recently add new post with different category, it obviously will not show on your homepage block.

what is way is you can flag everythink you want to show on front page block with tag. for example you give “homepage” tag. so if you want to show it on home ppage, you will just need to add tag on “homepage” on your article.”

But the point is that “I’m not selecting a different category” than the one on the block of homepage.
As for the tip of can flag everythink with: “homepage” tag, also did not work!
I recorded a video of the screen so that I can better understand the problem: Please look this: