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March 30, 2018 at 11:13 am #30078

Hi seo-master,

1. I’ve been set up the Woodford Bourne font in there, but i get some problem with the customizer. The generate style file from customizer can’t be saved in there. I’m not sure yet what causing this issue, maybe comes from other plugin or your custom code. Anyway, may i know what you did before? is there any changes that you made or new plugin that you installed before? For further investigation, i will need FTP access to your server to do some debugging.

2&3. By changing the image setup you need to regenerate all images thumbnail. Also, please don’t change the image prefix ($this->prefix . ‘750×316’) because it’s an image key that used on several functions. If you change it, your change won’t take effect on the frontend. Also, you need to add custom CSS code because you’re no longer using 0.5 dimensions (350/750) because currently, you use 0.4 dimensions (316/750).

You can use this code below:

Then put this CSS code below into Customize > Additional Style:

Thank you