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March 29, 2018 at 9:58 am #30037

Hi seo-master,

1. For setup font issue, can you please provide me access to the admin panel of your website, i will try to help you set up that font. There’s some reason why we don’t include font file on import feature. You can send it here and don’t forget to check Set as private reply option below.

2. For change crop to resize, you need to go edit this file /jnews/class/Image/Image.php then find this function setup_image_size and change crop from true to false.

3. For homepage issue, it’s because homepage has different image thumbnail dimenssion. You can try to edit this file /jnews/class/Module/Block/Block_10_View.php then find this function build_column_2 and change jnews-750×375 to full.

Thank you