Reply To: Waiting for the V2. Will it release this week probably?

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David Groh
March 28, 2018 at 12:17 pm #30016

Ok, that sounds good, I have just studied the comparison between VC and Elementor, it looks, the Elementor is better for normal bloggers and WP beginners, it looks much more user friendly than VC. I can confirm, if I want to make any proffesional looking page, it is not good solution the VC for me. So this is very welcome to be able to use the Elementor for pages as well. – Thank you. 🙂

Regarding homepage, does it mean, the the Homepage will be also possible to build with Elementor with your Hero and other modules, or for homepage will be good use the VC and for another CMS pages use the Elementor?

And What about the yellow pencil, what will be the purpose in your theme. Which parts I will be able to customize with yellow pencil?

🙂 (may the force be with you) 🙂

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