Reply To: Waiting for the V2. Will it release this week probably?

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David Groh
March 27, 2018 at 11:24 pm #29984

Hello friends, the changelog looks great. But only one issue, which makes me little bit confused. You will add to visual composer yet the 2nd pagebuilder support (elementor) and the yellow pencil as well.

1. If I understand well, the yellow pencil can works with the all CSS in user friendly way? So I can change all the areas, or only pages, or posts as well, or widgets? Which parts exactly?

2. You will add the elementor. Is there any difference between Visual composer and the Elementor? Why we shoudl use two different page builders? I am littlebit confused, please clarify to me / us.

If you use 2 different page builders and the css styller, what will be the impact for the speed of theme and the SEO and the source spending?

I am not WP proffesional, but this si little bit strange for me 🙂
Thank you. Best regards, David