Reply To: Waiting for the V2. Will it release this week probably?

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March 27, 2018 at 4:00 pm #29972

Loved all these updates specially ‘Inline Related post’ elements. 🙂

But, I don’t see any new addition to ‘smart list’ features which is called ‘Split Posts’ here.

We had actually discussed about expanding ‘Split Post’ features and make it more like ‘Smart lists’ provided by TagDiv –

Also, Listicles are most popular form of articles currently after Quizzes and works much better than normal articles but the current ‘Split post’ feature is ‘Highly Unsuitable’ in the users perspective as users have to click next to next items of the list and hence becomes very frustrating to even visit an article with 10 listed items.

So, only low-quality viral websites use these kind of ‘split post’ features to get more ‘traffic on their sites’ while none of the premium sites like Buzzfeed, HuffPost etc uses it. They use ‘Smart List’ features like TagDiv as I mentioned above.

You have previously said that you will add ‘smart lists’ in future updates. Please try if it can be done with this V2 major update since it’s kind of necessary.

Also, as you said, designers are busy in designing landing pages etc, why not work on this smart list feature till that time and release all of them together. 🙂

Thank you.