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March 22, 2018 at 8:05 pm #29856

Hello, I made a screenshot so that it is understood. In this first image is “unconfigured”,
where a gray bar appears above, the main news is below, the font is different,
the background color is white, the cover where it says end laden, also appears below,
the search engine of the site does not appear and thus with each element:

And a few milliseconds later, it shows the site as I want it to look, with all the modules
and parts of the site instead:

The biggest problem is that the elements between the first image and the second,
is that before loading it completely shows the elements in another place on the screen,
in this case, below and others do not even show them.

If all this was not understood, look at the bar above in the first image,
and observe the place that appears on the screen, it is not the same as it appears in the second image.

Or try yourselves through,
and update the page several times to see the error.

I hope you understand, and hopefully find a solution.

Thank you very much.