Reply To: Thumbnails not showing + few other issues

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March 19, 2018 at 4:03 pm #29707

I forgot, my web is
Actually, I manage to solve most of those issues.
1. it was rocked loader from cloudflare fault, I disabled it and its all good now
2. Demo importing failure. First, I imported style without content; didnt see anything. After that, I imported demo with content, then that problem occured. So I copied code from page, uninstall demo content, created new page, paste code an voila – its all good.
3. I dont see it any more, all good for now (see 2.). Cant find that item, though, looks good – can you tell me where it is? That was nice social widget.
4. done, all good

Well, I have new question. I was using tagyeem review plugin, I have like 100+ reviews, Is it possible to transfer those to your review system?

Thx, your theme is really great!