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March 14, 2018 at 11:18 am #29549

Hi David Groh,

Thanks for your compliment for JNews.

1. For the color option issue on the text logo, I see that issue and it seems will take a little bit time for checking this issue. I hope can find a solution asap.

2. For the header ads, may I know where you put the ads, in the mid or bottom bar? Because I can’t seem to find any ads element in the header.

3. About font option for the main menu, there’s two option which is Font Size and Line Height. Make sure if you’ve been set up the Font Size. I’ve tried it on my side and just work fine here.

4. If you faced sometimes your font setup not applied correctly on the frontend, it may because there’s another option that has been overridden them and in this case, we need to check it directly on your website what actually happens. At the moment we only provide Google Font and if you want to use a custom font, you can use Custom Font option to upload your font.

5. About responsive, can you tell me more detail about ‘decrease the quantity on mobile’ that you mean above? just want to make sure.

Thank you