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March 7, 2018 at 2:26 pm #29342

Hi Adek,

thanks for your message. I know that, but it is wrong.

Google should crawl and access all pages on my site, even it’s just a page 2 or 3. In my case the static front page is like an archive. From Yoast…

Faulty canonical URLs: common issues
There is a multitude of cases out there showing that a wrong rel=canonical implementation can lead to huge issues. I know of several sites that had the canonical on their homepage point to an article and completely lost their home page from the search results. There are more things you shouldn’t do with rel=canonical. Let me list the most important ones:

Don’t canonicalize a paginated archive to page 1. The rel=canonical on page 2 should point to page 2. If you point it to page 1, search engines will actually not index the links on those deeper archive pages…

Please offer a solution for this. Or at least tell me please how I get this exact same look on a non-static front page:, then the canonical-stuff & next/prev stuff would work.