Reply To: pagebuilder issue, post ID and tags filter not working

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December 29, 2017 at 3:57 pm #27038

Thanks for helping. Problem 1 is solved but problem 2 still the same.

I enable the debug mode but no error message shows up.
I deactivate my ‘AMP for WP’ plugin and the front editor now works.

However, the post ID and tag filter problem still exists.
I tried to deactivate all other plugin but it is still the same. I guess the problem does not relate to plugin conflict issue.

The category and author filter works, but post ID and tag filter do not work. There is no any dropdown. I am not able to make it works by typing in ID or by search or by any method.
But all filters works if I am using the post grid module by bakery pagebuilder. The problem only exists for Jnews module. I guess it is problem of the integration of jnews and pagebuilder.

I guess I am having the similar problem with this user:

After Update – Include/Exclude Tags on Blocks works not