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December 28, 2017 at 11:03 am #26954

Hi Communication Contact,

It because of the jquery file loaded by async method. The other JavaScript file that using jQuery library will showing error.

When you enable Concat, Minify and Defer (Merge all scripts (JS & CSS), Minify all scripts (JS & CSS) and defer load CSS.) option actually we package all of the JavaScript files into 1 file and it already using async method.

But sometimes on a certain plugin (like Revolution Slider) insert several inline JavaScript codes that using jQuery library on their element and it will show an error since the jQuery file load at the bottom (in the footer instead of the header). It’s why we provide Load jQuery Early option to prevent this error. But by using Load jQuery Early option, the JavaScript becomes blocking because the jQuery file load in the header. Hopefully, i explain it well.

Thank you