Reply To: View Counter Not Working

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December 21, 2017 at 1:08 pm #26769


Please try to go edit the following file list below :
1. wp-content/plugins/jnews-social-share/class.jnews-share-bar.php with this one
2. wp-content/plugins/jnews-view-counter/class.jnews-view-counter.php with this one
3. wp-content/themes/jnews/assets/css/main.css with this one
4. wp-content/themes/jnews/assets/dist/frontend.min.css with this one
5. wp-content/themes/jnews/assets/dist/frontend.min.js with this one
5. wp-content/themes/jnews/assets/js/main.js with this one

Let me know if you need something else. In this case, i can’t implement the changes on above on your site without your permission.


I’ve checked your site previously. And I get something wrong in there. On this post the view counter works fine but on this post the view counter not working (also on other posts). Can you please try to disable all plugins except required plugin for JNews just for a while? and then see the result. Because i can’t do that without your permissions. Regarding this problem, i will need to enable WP_DEBUG mode on your site and install this plugin in order to check if there’s an error message occurs.

Thank you