Reply To: A few Design Issues- Font, Logo, and Styling

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November 30, 2017 at 9:41 pm #26287

I do not understand your directions above.

Where do I set that up? In the title of the post itself?

I went back and set up the font just how you suggested here:
Body Font : Font Family (Lato), Font Variant (Bold 700, Bold 700 Italic, Normal 400, Normal 400 Italic), Font Size (13px), Line Height (22px)
– Header Font : Leave empty (default setting)
– Main Menu Font : Leave empty (default setting)
– Post Title : Font Family (Playfair Display), Font Variant (Normal 400, Bold 700, Normal 400 Italic, Bold 700 Italic)
– Block Heading : Leave empty (default setting)
– Paragraph Font : Font Family (Lora), Font Variant (Normal 400, Normal 400 Italic, Bold 700, Bold 700 Italic)

But I did not get the same look of the alternate title like demo. This makes me very sad, as I chose this theme partly based on this. Cache has been cleared too.