Reply To: A few Design Issues- Font, Logo, and Styling

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November 27, 2017 at 9:59 am #26032

Hi mariedenee,

1. On our Fashion Demo, we’re using this below setup :
– Body Font : Font Family (Lato), Font Variant (Bold 700, Bold 700 Italic, Normal 400, Normal 400 Italic), Font Size (13px), Line Height (22px)
– Header Font : Leave empty (default setting)
– Main Menu Font : Leave empty (default setting)
– Post Title : Font Family (Playfair Display), Font Variant (Normal 400, Bold 700, Normal 400 Italic, Bold 700 Italic)
– Block Heading : Leave empty (default setting)
– Paragraph Font : Font Family (Lora), Font Variant (Normal 400, Normal 400 Italic, Bold 700, Bold 700 Italic)

2. I’ve checked your site previously and it seems your logo works fine in there. Do you still get a problem with uploading logo in there?

3. Please try to clear your browser cache after making changes on customizer.

Thank you