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November 24, 2017 at 2:06 am #25897

hi mbensadoun, im sorry for issue that our team causing.
im very understand your concern.

this kind of issue is not very common. Most of time the issue is related to server issue.
that is why our team try to fix from what our previous customer said working. for example by adding max execution time.

you can see other people not having issue accessing customizer.
but unfortunately our quick fix not working.
yes we should ask FTP access instead so we can turn it back your .htaccess.

if you still having issue with the themes, we going to need FTP access because we need to trouble shoot the issue.

on previous case, we can fix issue people having by editing page. and the issue is only on Godady server. its turn that the issue is on visual composer plugin (page builder). that is why we create another branch of page builder plugin. sometime integration with other plugin may also causing the issue. that is why we going to need access to your server to understand every issue. This access including with FTP access. because every server having different setting.

if you not willing to provide access right here, you can send me email right here :
i will try to handle your case by my self.

Thank you