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November 18, 2017 at 6:05 am #25622

Thanks a lot, Adek! this is very promising.

1. The result looks great. So I did what you said by editing that particular post. I chose Template 1 and below that specified “Full width”. I also went to Appearance –> Customize –> JNews Single Post option –> Single post option –> pick Template 1, and under Layout choose “Fullwidth”. This now works on all the posts – thank you !

2. You’re right, it does. Thank you !

3. I got a part of that working on the home page thanks to your Home 3 special text!. However, if you see your Home 3 Fashion blog, there are 3 distinct sections :
1. 3 large images (full width)
2. 4 featured images (full width)
3. A Latest posts section (with sidebar).
The code you have provided successfully generates the first 2. Can you please send me the right code to use for the bottom part as well? (The Latest posts section with the sidebar only from there on?)

Also, what is the correct template setting for your Home-3 on Fashion – Sidebar on Right or Full-width?

Thank you