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November 17, 2017 at 12:01 pm #25575

Thanks Adek, I think there’s some other problem –

1. To your point, I’ve de-activated NextGen. The Single post has as its 4th picture a red house. This image was uploaded at 1150px to Media section of WordPress [nothing to do with Nextgen, which is anyway disabled]. Yet, it shows up as 800px width. Where can I tell JNews theme to show full 1150px (or default width to 1125px?) thanks

2 & 3. I am using Jnews 1.1.2. I confirm the font issue persists. Only if I am logged in to the site through WordPress and open a new tab, Jnews shows the correct typekit font. If I’m logged out, it will not serve the font on any browser.

5. Thank you.