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November 17, 2017 at 8:01 am #25545

Thanks a lot, Adek.

1. Yes, to be more precise, I would like the theme to have as a default image display width on single posts to be 1125px X 750px. [I first thought of 1150 but if we use a 3:2 ratio the shorter edge comes to be 766.66 so not sure how that would work!] 1150px is the technical maximum for full-width posts, correct? Here’s the single post URL

2. I think there was a delay/lag on typekit serving up the font yesterday. I do see freight-text on the Global font panel, and it seems that only Safari correctly displays this font now. However, Firefox & Chrome don’t. Do you see the same issue ?

3. Sure :

4. Thanks, noted. I’ll try these.

5. JNEWS has a neat section called “Additional CSS” where we can write over-rides etc. I’m also using a child-theme. Question is, how do I ‘see’ the code you’ve actually used in order to decide what to over-ride. For example, I want to make my caption font size larger. If I go to chrome & inspect that element it refers to a section called “figcaption.wp-caption-text” which probably has code on the font to use. Can you please tell me where in your theme files I should look for the original code that I should refer to before attempting an over-ride? Thanks !