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November 11, 2017 at 6:55 am #25305

Hi @jamkain,

1. Please try to go edit this file /jnews/class/Widget/AdditionalWidget.php then jump into line 35. You will find this code below :

Then replace with this one below :

2. Previously, i just try to create a new post in there that called Sample Post and then i try to check it on the homepage of your site. Seems work fine on my side. Can you tell me more detail how i can replicate the issue as you mention on above so i can easily to help you out.

3. I just want to make sure on this thing. Did you mean the new article doesn’t show up on the post category page, right? Also, to do some test, can i try to disable several plugin in there just for a while?

4. Did you mean Header Navigation? If yes, i just try to play around in there and still works fine on my side. Can you tell me more detail about this issue?

Hi @stacykippling,

I’ve answered your question on this topic here Kindly you can check it out.

Thank you