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July 17, 2017 at 1:53 am #24104

Hi Maciek,

4. I’m not quite sure yet. In this case, i just assume maybe there is plugin conflict problem. So it would be better if you can try to disable all of your plugins except required plugin that come with our theme package.

5. It seems i can’t navigate the page that you mean on above. Can you please send the page url instead?

7. I get internal server error message when navigate the page. Kindly you can check it out.

9. In this case you will need to understand about css selector. You can read this article for more detail

10. It will depend on which theme style that you use. In this case you can use inspect element from your browser that you use. You may need to do some search on google about it.

About internal server error you may need to contact your host administrator regarding these issue.

Thank you