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June 22, 2017 at 10:03 pm #23990

Hi Adek,
thanks for prompt reply

1/ CSS personalisation. How should I personalise Jkreativ Dashboard > Additional Style.
When I put:

You can add your own CSS here.
“Click the help icon above to learn more.
.contact form 7 {
font-family: “Arial”;

it doesn’t work…

2a/As it goes to braking text line, you wrote that it is not possible to make it. But, I have a question.. When I have longer text in the alternate text window (slider type of landing page), the text is divided to 2 lines…how it is made? Can I make something with this to break my text line as I want to?

7/ Address of the site I am making is:


How to make it index page (loading when writting in the browser: domain)

and two more questions:

a/ element ‘custom heading’ has cool option. Color text changes when the background change its color (dark – light), So the result is text is always visible even if the backgground goes dark. There is no such a action with element ‘text block’. Can I activate such option for “text block”?

b/ can I make jkreativ soundcloud background transparent?