Reply To: 500 Error when activating plugins

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June 5, 2017 at 2:55 am #23904

Hi VladimirBob,

1. I’ve activate WooCommerce plugin in there and i don’t get any duplicate page in there, it’s just works fine on my side.

2. About Subscribe form widget, please check it again. It should works fine now.

3. About portfolio page, it’s how this theme works and if you want to make changes you will need to do some modifications.

4. About video not displaying, i’ve fix those issue.

5. About reduce the space between menu item on side menu, i’ve reduce the space but not sure if it’s fit with your need.

6. About social icons, i’m not quite sure which second block that you mean. If you want to remove social icons from side menu you just need to leave empty on social url field.

7. Also i notice you’re attached screenshot about “nofollow”. Can you tell me more detail about it?

Thank you