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May 31, 2017 at 9:28 am #23872

Thank you! I may try your custom service.

In the meanwhile, I seem to have one small bug and a typo.

The bug is in the Facebook button that appears under posts. It appears as a blue-colored box that is about 25% of the width and height of the other buttons (i.e., Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) and which is not displaying either an icon or text (probably because it is not big enough). It is only the Facebook button that has an issue.

The typo I see is in the meta for each entry on the masonry style page. Here is what I see:

Filled under : Unassigned
Author : Test
Comment Number : No Comment Yet

The first word should be “Filed” not “Filled”. And there should be no spaces before the “:”.

However, if I want to change the displayed field names to something else, can you tell which file they are located in? For example, I may want to have this instead:

Category: Unassigned
By: Test
Comments: No Comment Yet