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May 23, 2017 at 2:28 am #23845

hi cobrie,

1. we will take a look at this. Database query will be quite complex and it may slowdown the system. i can’t promise you anything about this case.

2. i think its possible to have something like this. but i will require quite alot of change, and im not very sure if its safe for every people to move the permalink. from what i know, if you change the permalink, previous permalink will get 404 error code. so i don’t think will apply this for everyone. if you need custom change about this request, you can click here :

3. You can find it from media gallery. here is the way you can find it :
– click add media on your single company post on backend
– click insert media on media gallery popup side navigation
– click media gallery on center tab
– and choose uploaded to this post (All media items)

Thank you