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February 17, 2017 at 1:59 pm #23094

Hello. Need help. I also have a problem with the 404 on the main page with portfolio. I changed permalink setting to day & name and the error was gone.

This can be not only a day & a name, but also the title of the post, portfolio to work for the main page. But a new problem, which is a very negative impact on the site.

There are extra redirect, many, every time you create a page for the portfolio, formed the second page and redirect excess.

I’m creating a web page for the portfolio, for example

This page is visible in 2 locations


Not valid (without – / portfolio /) – gives 301 MovedPermanently -> 200 OK

And by the end, every time you create a page for your portfolio, get two, one of which is 301


100 pages for the portfolio = 100 redirects. That’s bullshit! In this case, it is impossible to use the portfolio!

Perhaps the case in SEO module, there are two forms the address for some reason, one right (a screen)

yoast screen

the second the wrong screen

may be mistake???

How to solve a problem with the address ???

Maybe something in the module settings change?