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December 14, 2016 at 2:29 am #22554

hi v.siuksteris,

this is how job alert work. after you create a job alert, it will schedule when you will get alert depend on range you choose. lets say if you choose 1 week, it will add + 1 week to schedule to run. and it will gather exactly 1 week range from when schedule created and check if on this period there is any job written. if there is a job, it will send to your customer.

as i read on your request, you need to reduce 1 days before job created right? this will create a mess on the system. you will send duplicated job from previous job email alert.

but if you need it badly, you can alter behavior of job alert from jobplanet-plugin > lib > class-jeg-alert.php
and go to line 406. you can notice we scan job alert base on range you chooose.

Thank you