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June 28, 2016 at 1:54 am #20961

hi v.siuksteris, this kind of change will need you to have quite good knowledge about WordPress development.
i going to point you to where you can change it, but i will not be able to specifically give you code about it.

1. front end for filter, please go to jobplanet plugin > template > job > search-job-filter.php
2. of course you will also need to control javascript who handle this, because filter is using ajax generated result. go to jobplanet plugin > assets > js > plugins.js. you can see there is code that trigger ajax_filter_search. you will need to use it too.

3. and the last is, you will need to alter query of your result. go to jobplanet-plugin > lib > class-jeg-job.php
and on line 217, you can find build_job_seach_query. its query you need to alter.

Thank you