Reply To: "X Comments post" and "Leave a Reply" text – changeable?

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May 28, 2016 at 1:37 am #20444

Hi Florence,

The plugin Loco Translate won’t work if the source string different (edited in .php file) even one bit, you must revert or Sync it in Loco Translate to update string you edited to be able work with translation plugin.

To remove “post” you just need remove the string “%1$s”, it can be done in Loco Translate.
Before “%2$s Discussion to this %1$s” After: “%2$s Comments”

For the “Leave a Reply” string it is came from default WordPress comment system, you need to update files in comments.php to be able translate it:

Go to line:34, you should find this code:

Replace with this code:

Please remember to Sync in Loco Translate after update it.

Thank you