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May 16, 2016 at 11:42 am #20296

Hi Adek,

Thanks for your reply. I updated the theme and disabled any unnecessary plugins. The perfomance improved slighyly, but unfortunately the website still responds very slow, scrolling is working sluggish and with delay. Basically, the website is very unpleasant the go through like this… 🙁 Only the homepage works fine, any other page does not.

The strange thing is that the website does work well on my smartphone’s version of Google Chrome, and on my pc’s Internet Explorer. Any other browser on my (and other people’s) pc or tablet is not able to show the website properly. What can there be done to resolve this? My website-host monitored the loading process and told me that the browser is mainly struggling to execute certain Javascripts that are embedded in the wordpress theme. Does this info help you?

In this formum I saw that other users of Jkreativ also still have the same problem, despite updating their theme, so I hope you can come up with a solution for all of us soon! Thank you.