Reply To: I can not see the startsite (home) in backand completely and edit

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April 26, 2016 at 4:32 am #19943

Hi emidelal,

Thanks for your info and i’ve been check your site previously.

1. Please update Visual Composer plugin and Revolution Slider plugin on your site. For more detail about updating required plugin you can take a look on this page

2. That bug happen since the latest update of WordPress and the error comes from Mega Main Menu plugin. We’re still waiting for Mega Main Menu Plugin update.

In this case you will need to go edit this file wp-content/plugins/mega_main_menu/src/js/frontend/menu_functions.js and then jump into line 118 and you will find this code below :

You will need to change a[href=#]:not([href=#]) to a[href=\\#]:not([href=\\#])

Thank you