Reply To: Multiple problems with my Jmagz theme

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Johnny Black
April 19, 2016 at 6:13 am #19737

Yes, but the thing is that the option for displaying that is on the Review Page and settings, see below.

If i choose the 1st layout (the left one) everything is perfect.

We have ONE MAJOR PROBLEM (just happened last night, while posting content on site), better take a look at the prints below, i really hope you can understand what is happening. (i never had this problem on v1.2 version)

This problem is really affecting our WP Admin Login, we must login 2,3 times before WP take us to the site Dashboard. (i promise that we did not mess with the code or installed any plugins lately, the bug just happened)

You can also see the site live at

Please provide me solutions for this problems 🙁 even if you answer once a day.

Best Regards,